How to get your google Business review Link

How to get your google Business review Link

With millions of users relying on Google Search and Google Maps to find and evaluate businesses, it's imperative that you make it easy for your satisfied customers to leave a review on your profile. In this article, Digifeel will show you how to easily generate a Google Business Review link and provide actionable steps in creating and sharing it effectively.

Understanding Google Business Profiles

A Google Business Profile serves as an online representation of your company, providing crucial information about your hours, location, website, and more. Moreover, it allows users to read and write reviews about their experiences with your business. Earning positive feedback not only enhances your brand's image but also plays into Google's algorithm, which can improve your visibility and rankings in search results.

Implementing a proactive strategy for encouraging reviews is a game-changer for businesses looking to maximize their growth potential. This is the next step after creating a Google My Business profile.

Step by Step: Creating a Google Business Review Link

Generating a direct link that customers can use to leave reviews simplifies the process, increasing the chances of them following through with their part. Here's a step-by-step guide that ensures a seamless experience for anyone looking to create a Google Business Review link:

Step 1: Locate Your Business on Google Maps

To begin, visit, where you'll conduct a simple search for your company's name in the top-left corner. Upon finding the correct listing, click on it to open its detailed view.

Step 2: Retrieve Your Place ID

Once you've opened the detailed view, navigate to the bottom left side of your business profile window and locate a unique string of characters. This is your Place ID, which will be used to generate a Google Business Review link.

Step 3: Construct Your Custom Review Link

With your Place ID in hand, it's now time to create your unique link that customers can use to leave reviews. The format for this link is as follows:{PLACE_ID_HERE} Replace "{PLACE_ID_HERE}" with your actual Place ID. For example, if your Place ID were "ABC123", then your custom review link would be:

Step 4: Shorten and Personalize Your Review Link

Although functional, the initial link may be too long and difficult to remember. Using a URL shortening service such as or, customize and shorten the link to make it more accessible and appealing.

  • Before:
  • After:

Remember, the goal is to make things easy and memorable for your customer base.

Tips on How to Share Your Google Business Review Link

Armed with your shortened and personalized review link, you're ready to spread the word and gather valuable feedback from your satisfied customers. Here are some effective strategies for maximizing exposure:

Google Reviews cards : 

Google Reviews cards are one of the easiest ways to get quality google reviews. These cards allow you to simplify the process for your customers, who can leave a detailed review at the click of a button.

Email Signatures and Correspondence

Adding your review link to your email signature can serve as a gentle reminder when communicating with customers. Implementing this tactic not only familiarizes them with the link but also subconsciously encourages their participation in vouching for the quality of your business offering.

Social Media Channels

Promoting your custom Google Business Review link on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram generates organic buzz around your brand. By disseminating the link across multiple channels, you're presenting potential reviewers with additional convenient touchpoints to express their satisfaction.

In-Person or Receipt Requests

Directly asking satisfied customers to leave a review is an excellent way to build an authentic review base. This can be done either in-person upon completion of a transaction or via a small note included on their receipt. Demonstrating genuine gratitude for their time and feedback will likely yield positive results that improve your online standing. 

The Perks of an Ever-Growing Review Collection

Taking control of your Google Business Profile's review section offers numerous benefits to your burgeoning enterprise:

  • A higher volume of positive reviews establishes trust and credibility with prospective clients.
  • Improved search engine rankings enhance your visibility and widen your audience scope.
  • Invaluable customer insights that may inspire ongoing improvement initiatives within your business model.

Ultimately, maintaining a proactive stance on gathering Google Business Reviews contributes significantly to your overall digital growth strategy. Both the creation and promotion of a simple, easily shareable review link paves the way toward amplifying your online reputation and reaching greater success in today's technology-driven marketplace.

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