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  • Step 1 : Scan the QR code

    When you receive the plate,
    Scan the QR code.

  • Step 2 : Activate your plate →

    You will arrive on the Digifeel App :

    Enter the activation code on your plate or card and activate it.

    It only takes a few seconds!

  • Step 3 : You’re all set! 

    And that's all there is to it!

    You are now ready to collect your first reviews!

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Do I need a Google My Business local listing ?

Your establishment's listing is mandatory to receive Google reviews. If you don't have one yet, let our team know so we can help you create one.

Do my customers need a Google account to write a review ?

To submit a review, customers must have a Google account.

Most smartphone users have a Google account via YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps. In fact, 93% of smartphone owners have a Google account.

Are the plates compatible with all smartphones?

YES, 90% of smartphones in circulation have NFC technology, and 100% of smartphones in circulation can scan QR codes.

How does contactless technology work ?

Our plates use NFC technology (which stands for Near Field Communication), more commonly known as contactless technology. The same technology that lets you pay with your phone at a kiosk.

But don't worry, our chip only transmits a link to your contact. It collects no other information.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

Your order will be delivered within 7 days.

Other questions ?

Couldn't find answers to your questions? Contact us directly using our form.

Want to order in bulk?

If you’ve got franchisees and want to boost your brand’s online reputation, let’s chat!


“Digifeel helps businesses increase their online presence and stand out in this digital age” 

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