12 Clever Ways to Ask for Reviews That Drive Results

12 Clever Ways to Ask for Reviews That Drive Results

Asking for reviews from customers can be a tricky task, but it's essential for the growth of your business.

By collecting feedback, you can improve your products or services and foster brand loyalty and trust. In this article, we'll explore various strategies to request reviews effectively while maintaining positive relationships with your audience.


Ask for Reviews strategies

1. Personalize Your Outreach

No one likes receiving impersonal, robot-generated emails. To increase your chances of getting a response, personalize your outreach.

This simple shift in approach can work wonders when eliciting customer feedback. Here are some personalization tips:

  • Address the customer by their first name.
  • Refer to their specific purchase or experience.
  • If possible, mention any previous interactions you've had with them.

By demonstrating that you know your clients and value their opinions, they'll feel more compelled to leave a review.

Example of a bad review collection email :


bad email template for asking reviews

Why is it bad? 

This email is a poor example of a request for customer feedback because it's overly generic and lacks specificity.

It doesn't provide a direct link to a survey or a clear call-to-action, misses an opportunity to personalize the message (e.g., by mentioning the customer's name or the specific product they purchased), and fails to explain how the feedback will be used or the estimated time it will take to provide the feedback. 

2.Make It Easy and Convenient

People are busy, so it's crucial to make leaving a review as easy and convenient as possible. The following methods combined will increase the chances of customers sharing their thoughts:

Provide Clear Instructions

Ensure customers understand how to leave a review by outlining the steps involved.

You could create a step-by-step guide, highlight buttons or links, or even provide screenshots to help explain the process.

Taking away any confusion will encourage action.

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Offer Multiple Review Options

Providing different avenues for customers to leave their feedback can increase the likelihood of collecting reviews.

Include links to several review sites, allowing your customers to choose the most convenient platform for them – the more options, the better. 

    3. Choose the Right Timing

    Timing is crucial when asking for a review. Asking too soon or too late can reduce your chances of receiving valuable feedback. Consider these tips to ensure you strike at the right moment:

    • Wait a few days after delivery or service completion: Give customers enough time to experience your product or service before requesting their input.
    • Follow-up emails: If you don't receive a response to your initial request, it's okay to send a follow-up email a week or two later. People may have forgotten or simply been busy at the time of your first request.
    • Consider seasonal factors: During busy holiday seasons, customers may feel overwhelmed with everything on their plate and not have time to leave a review immediately. Be patient and try again after the rush has subsided.

        4. Incentivize and Show Gratitude

        By offering an incentive for leaving a review or expressing gratitude for the customer's time and effort, you're likely to boost engagement. Here are some ideas to encourage participation while maintaining authenticity:

        Offer Discounts or Rewards

        Providing a discount on a future purchase, free shipping, or access to exclusive content in exchange for feedback can be a win-win situation. This strategy encourages customers to share their thoughts and incentivizes them to return to your business for future transactions.

        Show Appreciation

        Humbly thank customers in advance for their reviews – it demonstrates that you value their opinions and are eager to learn from their experiences. An expression of gratitude can go a long way in motivating people to help out.

        5. Leverage Social Media

        Social media platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for engaging with your audience and requesting reviews. Here's how you can utilize social sites to collect customer feedback:

        Run Contests or Giveaways

        Create a contest or giveaway that requires participants to leave a review to enter. This type of campaign can generate buzz around your brand while also collecting valuable feedback.

        Run Contests or Giveaways to collect reviews

        Encourage Reviews in Comment Sections

        If customers rave about your product or service on your social platforms, kindly ask them to share their thoughts on review sites as well. Politely explain that reviews are vital for your business growth and that their positive experience can help others make informed decisions.

        Use Chatbots or Messenger Apps

        Utilize chatbot technology or direct messaging through social channels to send personalized messages requesting reviews. Automated yet conversational methods like these allow for more flexible communication with customers who favor social channels over email.

        6. Train Your Employees to Request Reviews

        Your team is at the front lines of interacting with customers, meaning they have ample opportunity to ask for reviews. By training your employees to recognize the right moments for requesting feedback, you expand your reach and prospects for gathering reviews.

        • Empower sales staff: Teach your sales team how to incorporate requests for reviews into their routine conversations with customers.
        • Coach support teams: Customer service representatives can recognize satisfied customers during phone calls or online chats and politely ask them to take a moment to provide a review.
        • Inform your entire team: Keep all employees aware of the importance of reviews and encourage them to casually request feedback from customers whenever appropriate. This approach casts a wide net across your team's touchpoints with clients.

        7. Ask for Reviews via SMS

        When soliciting reviews, a crucial metric to monitor is the open rate. SMS takes the lead in this area, boasting an astonishing immediate open rate of 90%! Such an impressive open rate virtually guarantees that recipients will at least glance at your request for a review. If your message is compelling enough, they may well decide to fulfill your request and leave a review for your product or brand!


        8. Use UGC to boost customer acquisition


        UGC is a marketing technique that's very much in vogue at the moment, which consists of filming a short video of customer reviews of your product or service. It has two aims:
        1. Increase your credibility, and therefore your conversion rate
        2. Encourage the collection of reviews

        This easy-to-use format will give your customers a pattern to follow when creating their review. By using it, you'll increase your review collection rate, and above all the quality of your reviews.

        9. Request Reviews When Customers Share Positive Feedback

        Be attentive to any positive remarks or compliments from your customers, and take advantage of those instances to gather feedback while they are pleased with your service. Encourage your team members to also request feedback in these moments, ensuring the appeal is made in a cheerful and spirited manner.

        10. Send a Personalized Handwritten Note

        If you have a loyal customer who consistently supports your business, demonstrate your appreciation by sending them a handwritten note with your request for a review. Convey your gratitude for their patronage in a way that's both heartfelt and lasting.

        11. Make a Follow-Up Call and Suggest Recording a Video

        For growing businesses, it's common to follow up with customers personally. This approach includes making phone calls to directly engage with them, a practice gaining popularity daily.

        During such calls, seize the opportunity to inquire if the customer would be comfortable recording a video at the call's conclusion, which you could use as a testimonial.

        However, it's crucial to gauge the conversation's tone before requesting a video review. Remember, some customers may not be at ease with being recorded. If they prefer not to be filmed but are still willing to provide feedback, guide them towards your review page.

        12. Expand Your Presence on Facebook

        While Google reviews are valuable, they aren't the sole avenue for enhancing your online reputation. To develop and acquire high-quality online reviews, it's crucial to leverage prominent social media platforms, such as Facebook.

        Facebook offers an excellent platform for accumulating reviews and ratings, provided you have a strategic approach in place.

        By incorporating these clever strategies, you'll have more success in collecting valuable reviews from your customers. Remember to adjust your efforts as needed and continue refining your approach for the most effective results.

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